Purines : What Is This ?

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Purines are some essences found in many foods as part of the cells we could have in our body which will be caused by the foods with high level of proteins intake such seafoods and any kind red meats organs.

Purines : The Dangers

When is the time of purines to be taken into our attention ?. Purines is dangerous when it was released and breaking down. There is a time when our body cells were died and then it was changed the form into uric acid. Uric acid is located in our bloodstream and it supposed to be part of positive part that help to protect the bloodstream from the damage and also becoming the anti-oxidant when the amount of the uric acid in in balance, not in excessive amount. When the uric acid was in excessive amount of supply, there will be monosodium urate crystals formed and will be invested in the joints and kidneys. The excessive of uric acid which formed in crystals will lead to such diseases called gout. In order to avoid gout, the one and only way is by controlling the food intake on the foods might caused the increase of uric acid.

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What Foods Related To Purines ?.

Some foods that assumed to contain high level of purines mostly are seafoods and red meats including organ meats. Such seafood ares ; lobsters, Scallops, Shellfish, Salmon, Trout, Crab, Bluefish, etc. Meanwhile as for the red meats mostly are porks, ducks, chickens, pork, etc. And the organ meats are kidneys, liver, limfe, etc. Those foods should be avoided if we are not wanting to have the excessive deposits uric acid in our bloodstream. Diet plan should be establishing such measurement based on the awareness on uric acid contained. Such foods could be considered to become a diet plan for low uric acid level are such as ; whole grain breads, baked potatoes, yam, and fresh fruits. The fruits could be considered in daily intake are apples, bananas, pears, juice and papayas. Some research said that fresh fruits could washed away the excessive uric acid. Consider also some fresh vegetables like carrots orĀ  cabbages on daily basis intake.

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To avoid the gout arthritis, first think should keep in mind is reducing the uric acid level and avoiding such issue where uric acid level could be rising up very high. Have some diet plan in the case of avoiding uric acid will be extremelly necessary. Balanced level of uric acid could be controlled if we are working on it since its mean we are controlling the intake toward our body of purines.

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