How To Prevent Gout by Arranging Better Meal Management

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Explanation About Prevention of Gout


How to Prevent Gout? This question is classy. Gout is a disease that attacks your joints, especially because of exceed of uric acid in your blood so it become crystallize in your joints. There are many kinds of activities to prevent gout. Let me tell you about how to prevent gout. What makes uric acid so much in your blood? Because of foods and activities that you do. Remember, do you ever eat so many meat? Or never exercise? Or maybe overweight? All of these factors can make you gout. So, your body need a balance exercise and eat to prevent gout.


More explanation about prevention of gout

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Dietary alternations are the best options when you ask me how to prevent gout. Many kinds of food contain high-purines that make uric acid increase in your blood. Everyday we eat so many foods and we still don’t know what food that makes you gout. First, drink more water about 8 – 12 glasses per day to have an adequate fluid in your body and water is really good to wash away waste and uric acid in blood, don’t ever drink alcohol, no smoke, and prevent food that contains purines and proteins. You have to prevent all of these foods.


There are many kinds of food that you forbid to eat to prevent gout, such as: trout, scallops, pheasant, partridge, salmon, bacon, liver, veal, grouse, sweetbreads, and anchovies. These foods must be forbid to eat when you get gout. Also you have to remember these foods forever, because these high purines may kill your body because gout can attack your body suddenly. You may eat mushrooms, beans, peas, and spinach because it’s not dangerous to eat and have no risk of gout. That’s all kind of food that you prevent everyday. So, don’t ask me about how to prevent gout?

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Do consultation with doctor is very important to prevent gout attack your body because he/she can tell you more details what kinds of food or activities that forbid to prevent gout. Do medication and be vegetarian are good step to prevent gout too. Do some exercises for 3 times in a week may help your body to strengthen your muscles and increase endurance of your body. It’s a good start to prevent gout. It’s better to prevent than to treat because gout is not a simple disease. So, if you already read this article and ask me about how to prevent gout, you already find the answer.

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