About the Park Kitchen Restaurant

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About the Park Kitchen Restaurant

Park Kitchen is a restaurant located in Portland, Oregon. It has taken the culinary scene by storm with its much talking about cuisine. The customer service is top notch and your dining experience at the restaurant will always be the best. From the cocktails to the dessert, a meal at Park Kitchen is something you will never forget.


Trendy is the Theme


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Park Kitchen is the food, but quickly after that you think about how trendy the restaurant is. Park Kitchen is not going to stand still and let the world pass it by. The menu is ever changing with new trendy treats to tempt your taste buds.


Sophisticated palettes will enjoy the range of choices on the menu and even those with not so mature tastes will enjoy the delightful tastes and intriguing flavors in the foods served at this restaurant. The focus has and always will be on fine dining without all the fussy, stuffy atmosphere you would expect from a fine dining restaurant. Park Kitchen also always focuses on local cuisine and keeping things fresh.

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Despite the fact that this restaurant is considered a classic of the Portland area, it never fails to stay young and fresh. That is just one characteristic that makes this restaurant intriguing to everyone.


The Surprise


Perhaps the biggest surprise about the restaurant is that it is not in a trendy location or even very easy to find if you are from out of town. The small restaurant is in North Park Blocks. It is not flashy and it is not crawling with snooty people. It is as welcoming and friendly as any local restaurant.


The customer service is one of the things that really make this restaurant stand out. You will always feel welcomed. You will never feel rushed through a meal. You always feel like you are the most important person in the place. At Park Kitchen, the idea of fine dining extends to all aspects, not just the food.

A Sample Menu


While the menu at Park Kitchen never quite stays the same, you can always expect to find something fresh and innovative. Meals usually start off with a selection of creative cocktails that take a fun play on classics.


The restaurant offers lunch deals at reasonable prices that offer you’re an appetizer, main dish and dessert. You can choose from a range of flavors, including steak, salads, fish and even truffles.

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Reviews will tell you that when you visit Park Kitchen you will never be disappointed. The service and the food are both top notch. You can not find anything that even compares to this place in the Portland area. You are in for a real treat when you stop in this restaurant for a meal, no matter what time of day you visit.

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