Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Paint kitchen cabinets fun, easy and affordable. Here are a few tips for you to save money and enjoy the choice you have made. This type of remodel can change a huge, long project from ripping out cabinets and spending the money on replacing them to a fun project that you can finish in a day.


Your first and most important choice would be to pick out your color to paint kitchen cabinets. You can go bold and bright that is a more modern look and you can find many kitchen appliances to match the new color of your paint, with the color of your choice.  A simple neutral color is also a way to stay on the safe side and go with other changes you make in the future. If your doors to your cabinet have picture window molding attached you can even choose two different colors to make your cabinets one of a kind.

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When you paint kitchen cabinets, you want to do a quick inspection of the previous stain or paint. Kitchen cabinets with a dark color or chipped you may want to run a soft sander across them this will allow the new paint to not crack and be the color you want them to be. You can also you a primer or paint with primer already added to the brand you choose.


Another helpful hint when you paint kitchen cabinets is that you can leave your kitchen cabinets in place, tape off and protect the surrounding walls and items that you do not want to get paint on. Find your tools that suit your job a small roller or a thick paintbrush for fine lines that will disappear when the paint dries. When you paint kitchen cabinets start from the top and work down one side at a time, this will help your paint look like you paid a professional to do the work for you.

You can remove the doors and drawers when you paint kitchen cabinets this will help you paint ever where without trying to reach your brush into small places.  You can choose to paint the shelves if you would like but not a necessary if you do using a roller will make the paint job easy. You will also want to remove the hardware or tape them up so you do not get paint on them unless you intend to. If you want to paint your knobs or handles, you can take them off and spray paint them with an accent color like gold or silver.

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When you paint, kitchen cabinets and you remove the drawers and doors you should lay newspaper or a tarp down and paint your draws or doors on a flat surface.  You should paint the inside of the doors so they will match when you open them.  Let them dry before turning them over you can paint one side before you start on the main cabinets and they will have a chance to dry before turning them over.  This will help you with finishing your project in one day.

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