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Pain in joints, Sounds simple but most people ever had this disease. People in the world often assume that the pain in the joints caused by rheumatic’s diseases is even considered as cholesterol, and osteoporosis. Please note, that joint pain is not only experienced by a wide range of diseases like I mentioned before, but there are other symptoms that leads to joint pain. Joint pain, especially in the shoulders usually said to be cholesterol. The fact is, joint pain not only due to cholesterol, or maybe osteoporosis and even people is misunderstanding who think that the joint pain had anything to do with these diseases. This wide range of assumptions are must be abandoned because it is not worthwhile even can harm you.


Many Kinds of Pain in Joints


There are various kinds of pain in joints in the body, namely: painful joints of the fingers, joint pain leg, shoulder and elbow joint pain, and hip & knee pain. Painful joints of the fingers can be experienced in many people with rheumatic diseases. But, there are other things to consider besides rheumatic, such as trigger finger (finger muscle rupture in the palm of the hand), de Quervain (pinch finger muscles), and carpal tunnel syndrome (pinched median nerve in the wrist area). Joint pain in legs can be caused rheumatic and gout. Gout sufferers only experienced joint pain leg approximately 90% that attacks the base of the thumb joint. This is usually caused by plantar fasciitis (pain in the soles of the feet when you wake up in the morning) andAchilles tendonitis (pain in the rear end of the heel), also remember that those diseases are not a rheumatic type. Shoulder pain caused by shoulder impingement disease, is a disease that caused by muscle inflammation in the joints. There are two diseases in elbow pain. First, tennis elbow means a pain in the outer side of the elbow joints and second are golfer’s elbow pain means on the inside of elbow joint. Hip and knee pain is the most painful joint because hip and knee holds a heavy weight on your body. For patients under the age of 45 years old, it because the inflammation of muscles and joint capsule wrapping effect of excessive stretching. While over 45 years old is due to calcification of the joints.


The Main Problem of Pain in Joints


The main symptoms of pain in joints are calcification. Symptoms usually only a small calcification stage that only stiff and sore in the joint. It goes into more severe stages, the pain can’t be felt, but can affect to lameness. This heavy-stage can paralyze the joints too. Joints pain is so dangerous disease if not treated quickly and also this disease must be healed. Low levels of calcification of the joints can be cured by giving anti-pain and anti-inflammatory medication, supplementation with glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate content, medicines pelumis joints, and lose weight. If it enters the heavy-stage, then it is no longer curable. So, you must heal this disease quickly because can affect to your life.

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Pain in joints can be experienced by all of people, so we must immediately ask the doctor when the disease happened to you. Also with diagnosis and treatment, then the joints pain can be cured.

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