Outdoor Kitchen Design

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Outdoor Kitchen Design

The summer months remind us all how nice it would be to have an outdoor kitchen. Escape the unbearable heat of the kitchen in the dead of summer by creating your own outdoor kitchen design. It may sound complicated but in truth with a few tips you can be eating alfresco by Labor Day.


Full Kitchen or Grill


The first thing you must determine is whether you want a fully functional outdoor kitchen design or a grill and some accessories. A lot of this will depend on your available space and finances. It is much easier to accommodate a grill, small refrigerator and patio table than it is to fit all the appliances for a full outdoor kitchen.




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Either option you choose it is a good idea to keep your outdoor kitchen in close proximity to your indoor one. It stands to reason there will be occasions when you are using them both equally and a short trip between the two will make outdoor cooking more enjoyable.




A big factor in your outdoor kitchen design will be the number of people you will entertain. If you only plan to cook for your small family on occasion you will not need a large outside kitchen, however if you are friends with the neighborhood and half the town you may want to keep that in mind.




You may think that all outdoor kitchen design plans are the same; however, your climate and location will figure into materials and design. For instance if you live in the extreme northern part of the country you will need to winterize any plumbing, or if you live near the ocean you have to include the corrosive nature of the sea into your material plans, stainless steel is best.


Contractor or DIY?


Are you handy with tools or when it comes time to find the screwdriver do you need to call for help? Some people find designing and constructing anything to be far outside their realm of expertise. In this situation if you are, going to implement your outdoor kitchen design you will need a contractor.


When choosing a contractor you should carefully consider several and check references. The only thing worse than not having an outdoor kitchen design is having one that is poorly executed and is more of a curse than a blessing.

Built In?


One popular design today is the built in grill or range. These types of outdoor kitchen designs are fabulous but you should know up front that they would cost you a lot more money. That being said if built ins are within your budget they look great and can add value to your property.

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