Do You Need Help Because The Computer Freezes At Start Up

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Computer freezes at startup, maybe this kind of problem ever happened to your computer or your laptop/notebook. This kind of problem can be very annoying whenever you have something to do in the urgent time. This problem can make you not be able to use your computer so that you will be getting confused in finding out the way to fix these problems. Actually to solve the computer freezes at start up not really so difficult nor easy.

The cause of the computer freezes at startup can be different for other computer with another one. It can be because of the hardware system, the corrupt driver or maybe because of the bad operating system file. It is very important to find out the exact cause of the computer freezes at startup, because it is the part of eliminating process so that we can know the step in fixing the cause of this problem.

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But, there are the steps that you should try whenever your computer freezes at startup and you don’t know what to do with your computer. The first thing is you should boot up by using “the last known good configuration”. Practically, you need to turn the computer on and then press the F8 key immediately foe many times until the “advanced boot menu” shows up. Then, you can select “the last known good configuration” in the menu. This way is effectively work 80-85% in solving the computer freezes at startup. Besides, you also need to scan your computer whether you computer might be attack with the virus.

The second step in fixing the computer freezes at startup if the first time didn’t work is choosing “the safe mode” in the “advanced boot menu”. This step maybe can make your computer start to load up. But, if this step didn’t work either you can check the hardware or operating system that might be can be the cause of computer freezes at startup. You also need to remove any devices that are connected to your computer such as the modem, network card or USB flashdisk.

The last step that you can do in order to solve the computer freezes at startup is using the Windows Repair system. This method will take a little time, but it is very safe to do because you will not lose your data and actually this is very effective to solve the cause of computer freezes at startup.

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