Natural Remedy for Arthritis

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Natural remedy to treat arthritis is certainly very much needed by the elderly, because of arthritic disease is more common in older people, and most generally attacked at the waist. Before heading to the natural way to treat arthritis, we’ll talk about what causes gout happened. Well, gout is the inflammation of joints due to a particular stimulus and the disease is almost the same with rheumatic diseases because of complaints about being the same. Arthritic disease more often affects adults or parents or the person who many doing activity in cold area; even the cause of gout is often impinged on those whom always out of the house at night, working in damp places. Besides, gout can also be caused due to a specific disease, such as bone cancer, tuberculosis, and syphilis.

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Prevention of arthritis can be done by consuming fiber-rich foods, like vegetables and fruits are highly which is recommended for people with gout. This way is associated as natural remedy for arthritis. In addition, arthritis has symptoms than we can know to identify whether someone’s infected with arthritis or not. The symptoms of gout such as feeling of dizzy at head, sometimes the tendon becomes strained, pain and pain when moving, swelling and pain in joints, a lot of sweat which is slightly acid.


However, there are some remedies that offer your natural ingredient, without any side effect and also cheap. I will try to find the best ingredient for you and quote here, as now there are many options you have actually, I am sure you will not have any difficulties to find the alternatives.

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Arthritis is a serious disease, it may result pain and permanent injury, that’s why then you must consider of following some expert recommendation for the best result at the end, you may also visit your doctor to control it.


In order to cope with arthritis, here are recipes of herbal ingredients, natural remedy for arthritis, which you can use as a natural way to treat arthritis that you can try it out.


Natural herbal ingredients for arthritis


  1. Cat’s whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus)
  2. Water


Ways of making the drug:

  1. Boil a handful of cat whiskers with 5 cups water to boiling and the remaining 2 cups water.
  2. Strain, drain and let cool
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Ingredients ready to use

How to use:

  1. Drink this mixture two times a day, morning and evening, every drink 1 cup.
  2. Repeat several times.

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