Metal Kitchen Cabinets

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Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Whether it is the retro look that you are searching for, or something new and sleek looking at an affordable price, metal kitchen cabinets could be the answer.


Metal kitchen cabinets were all the rage in the 1930s and 1940s when painted stainless steel was the latest thing in elegant kitchenware. They were available in a limited choice of colours, but far and away the most popular colour was white. They were offered as a low cost solution that was easy to maintain and keep clean. Just a simple wipe over with a damp cloth, and job done. Their crisp, clean lines were very much in vogue at the time and for a couple of decades they found their way into millions of homes across America.


And now, metal kitchen cabinets have made a comeback. Whereas over the years they have never been out of fashion in many commercial establishments, they haven’t been seen inside the kitchens of private houses for quite a while. But now they’re back, and this time they have some great little additional features to bring them up to date and help them to take their pride of place back in the modern kitchens of today.

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There are some super ranges of decorative moldings available that are designed to be used as trims. They enhance the appearance of your metal kitchen cabinets, so if the simple, clean lines look a little too austere for your own particular taste, you can them soften up little and embellish the look somewhat


Another new feature that wasn’t available when metal kitchen cabinets first came out all those years ago, is the use of glass inset panels. These are both functional, allowing you to see what is stored inside the cabinet, and decorative too if you go for the frosted patterned look or smoked glass in brown or grey.


But one of the big attractions of having metal kitchen cabinets is the hygiene angle. This is primarily why they are always used in commercial kitchens where cleanliness is essential. The smooth finish of the metal, (usually stainless steel), doesn’t conceal any dirt or germs. Any grease or debris simply stays on the surface and can be easily wiped off with a damp disinfected cloth to get rid of unwanted foreign bodies and keep the surfaces antiseptically clean. Because of this advantage, you’ll find most hospital kitchens decked out with metal cabinets too. And not just the cabinets. Metal is absolutely ideal for the working surfaces too.


In fact, in commercial kitchens, it’s not just metal kitchen cabinets; almost everything in terms of functional equipment is made either from aluminium or stainless steel. Aluminium is a great alternative where strength is not too much of an issue because it has some great decorative finishes.

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Stainless steel metal kitchen cabinets come in a brushed finish too which gives them a beautiful stylish look and is very popular in the kitchens of private houses. You can also get the complete range of kitchen hardware in a metal finish including not only sinks of course, but fridges, freezers, cookers, and cooker hoods.


More and more private homes are turning to all metal kitchens (including metal kitchen cabinets too of course) and in the right setting, the effect is stunningly attractive.

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