How to Make a Computer Program

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How to make a computer program is not a common question among computer users, especially the newbie ones. Among the advanced users, however, this is one of the most common questions; besides, these advanced users know well the answer on how to make a computer program. If you are a newbie and fond of knowing everything about computing activities, it does not means that you cannot learn in making a computer program. Although there are such complicated and rather difficult steps, you will be able to learn to make any program you like by reading the right source.


Before learning on how to make a computer program, it is better for you to know and comprehend more about what a computer program is. According to some online sources, a computer program is a kind of written instructions to get the computer to do what have been instructed. In other words, it is the way a computer user to communicate with their computer, about what the computer should or should not do. Now lets us go to how to make a computer program.

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Some online sources wrote that before learning on how to make a computer program, you are to think logically as a computer does. Most computer practitioners, who are quite good in making a computer program to communicate with their computer, are thinking too logical; hence, these people sometimes meet some difficulties in communicating with other people. You should be lucky that you are a computer newbie, because you can prevent it, once you learnt how to make a computer program.


After you pass the first step on how to make a computer program, that is thinking logically, you are to decide what kind of computer language you desire to choose. There are indeed several different computer language on how to make a computer program, which is divided into two main categories; they are interpreted and compiled computer language. Each computer language program has different features and rules, in which you should choose one you can master the most.

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After deciding what type of computer language to choose, the next step on how to make a computer program is choosing a specific computer program. Before choosing this specific computer program language, you are to carefully decide what you actually want your computer to do. If you have already decided and thought of the whole thing, but need some more guidelines, you are to find as many online sources as possible on how to make a computer program.

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