A Main Tool in Designing a Kitchen

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A Main Tool in Designing a Kitchen


Designing a kitchen on your own can seem like a daunting task. There is a professional trick, though, that can make designing a kitchen much easier. In fact, this trick is something anyone can do because it doesn’t involve any complex mathematical figuring or special knowledge. It is called the work triangle. Once you learn about the work triangle, designing a kitchen becomes rather simple.


Three Points


The work triangle focuses in on the three main points of your kitchen, with those three points being the sink, stove and refrigerator. By using these three points and simple measurements you can then start to define your kitchen and see where you should go with your design. Just get started by plotting out your kitchen and marking out the work triangle.


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From the three points of your triangle you can figure out a lot about your kitchen. You want the measurement of all three sides of your triangle to be between 12 and 26 feet. This is optimal for function in your kitchen. If you are below 12 then you need more space and above 26 means you have too much space. This simple starting point will let you get the basic set up of your kitchen in order.


Kitchen Layout


Figuring your kitchen layout is the starting point for Designing a kitchen. The layout sets the tone for the whole flow of the kitchen. When you map out your work triangle you can immediately see the layout of your kitchen. This will help you in figuring out what you can do to maximize the space you have and make it more functional.


There are five basic kitchen layouts. Using your work triangle you should be able to see which of the five describes your kitchen. The first layout is the one wall layout. This is simply where everything is arranged along one wall. This is the least efficient design and should be avoided.


The next layout is the galley. This is a closely group set up where the walls are parallel to each other and you have work space on either side. This can be a challenge to work with to maximize the function.


The U shaped kitchen layout is spacious with a very good set up for the perfect new design. Any problems should be pretty easy to resolve while designing a kitchen that is u shaped. Similar to the U shaped kitchen in the L shaped kitchen, which as the name suggest is shaped like the letter L. the last layout is another similar shape, the G shaped layout. The only difference with the G shaped kitchen is that it is more open.

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Knowing the layout of your kitchen and learning to design off the work triangle will come in very handy when you are designing a kitchen. You should be able to work off that to create a kitchen that is efficient and stunning in design. This professional secret is something that you want to know when you are designing a kitchen.

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