Looking for a Kitchen Farm Sink

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Looking for a Kitchen Farm Sink

Not that many people out there are actually aware of what a kitchen farm sink is. If you were from the Midwest or the Great Plains you will possibly remember them from your childhood. If you are in the process of remodeling your home and are leaning towards a redo in the nostalgic era or décor then you may have run across the style in your searches for cool things that would fit.


Well for those of you that do not happen to fall into either of those categories, let’s take a few moments and familiarize you with exactly what a kitchen farm sink is so that you can progress or digress with the rest of us as the case might be.


A kitchen farm sink is a very large and very deep sink, originally made of porcelain. Sometimes there were two of them side by side depending on the available space. These sinks were made extra large because back when they were originally designed there were no dishwashers and there were lots of mouths to feed. There was the larger than today’s typical family and then there were other relatives and usually a slew of farm hands that all needed to be fed at one time and that usually meant a heap of dished at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The kitchen farm sink had to be large enough to cover all those dishes and pot and pans. These types of sinks were not usually found in city houses and thus the term kitchen farm sink was given to them.


Many of these kitchen farm sink designs have gotten extremely ornate and as a result the prices have gotten up there in the scale. It is not unheard of for a fairly plain sink to bring a price tag of over a thousand dollars and even the single bowl models are not much less than that price.


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When you look at the physical size of the kitchen farm sink you know that you will be using a lot of real estate on your counter to mount it. It is not uncommon for the double models to exceed three full feet in width so you can plan on using a lot of space if you are going to be installing one.


Today’s kitchen farm sink is made of various materials from the original porcelain to more modern material such as stainless. Be advised that if you intend on using an original finish porcelain sink that they are very heavy and you might be well advised to add in some extra bracing and supports to help displace the weight.

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While the look of the kitchen farm sink is not for everyone or every kitchen, they can certainly look great in the right setting. If you plan the rest of the kitchen remodel around this piece you can have a truly unique and one of a kind kitchen.

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