A Look at Santec Faucets

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A Look at Santec Faucets

Santec faucets are well known within the industry. They are a trusted brand with many different options in products. It always helps to know about the company behind the product because it tells you all about what to expect from their products and whether or not it would be a good purchase. You will find that by learning more about the company and their faucets that your next faucet should be a Santec.


Business Background


The Santec company was founded in 1991. The headquarters are located in Torrance, California. It is a true American company that focuses on making high quality kitchen and bathroom faucets. The company also makes decorative accessories for both the kitchen and bath. The goal of the company is to stay dedicated to providing excellent and superior functioning products to its customers. The company commits to a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Santec faucets are made to exceed expectations through innovation, creative design, superior styling and functionality.

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Santec faucets are all made in the manufacturing plants in Torrance California for an authentic American made product label. You know that the products are being made with the American spirit behind them. They are truly an American company providing products that keep dedicated Americans in good paying jobs.




You know that Santec is dedicated in providing the best products and at the heart of this company is a philosophy called Fluid Imagination. Fluid Imagination is the company’s way of thinking. It stands for their free flowing ideas and creativity that goes into the creation of new products. Every line of Santec faucets is created through this philosophy so that each line is guaranteed to be unique.


Through the combination of great ideas, new technology, innovative designs and commitment to quality, Santec faucets are top of the line in every aspect. They seem to exceed expectations of everyone, from those who create them to those that buy them.

Where to Find Them


Santec faucets can be found in retailers around the nation. They are sold through distributors and in various retail outlets. You need to watch for knock off products that are sold under the Santec name or similar name brand. You can not always trust discount dealers or unauthorized sellers. Try to find an authorized dealer so you are sure to be getting a high quality, real Santec product. You can go to Santec’s website to find a list of places where Santec faucets are sold.

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You know when you buy an authentic Santec product that you are getting high quality that you can trust. Their faucets are made to provide you with great style, design and function. You will never be disappointed with your Santec faucet purchase.

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