Learning the Number of Computer Crime Statistics

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Computer crime statistics from years to years simply show significant increasing in numbers, which could be quite depressing among computer practitioners and users. Principally, computer crime is similar to other kinds of crime; which is why the government and police department have the exact numbers of the crime through computer crime statistics. Similar to statistic of other crimes, computer or cyber crime statistic shows the number of such crime happened in certain period of time. Usually, such statistic is counted on yearly basis, instead of monthly or daily basis.


Yet today, as time develops, it is apparently getting much easier to calculate the computer crime statistics, even on daily basis. Anyway, computer crime or cybercrime is all crime acts that involve computer device and a network, from shared-computer network up to internet network. For some people, knowing and moreover learning computer crime statistics is something unnecessary; yet among those who are interested in computer science, this is something worth learning.


The first benefit in learning some interesting about the computer crime statistics is to let computer science students that their professional skill is needed to prevent such crime to take place. Before that, the statistic will also invite high school graduates to choose path as a computer and network practitioner, to get rid of the crime from the cyber world. The fact that computer crime statistics remain high is also showing one good thing about computer science graduates: there are many work fields that need their specialty, so it will not be difficult to find a job.


There are some information given by computer crime statistics, and the main information is the number of computer crimes each year. Learning the number of computer crime allows computer practitioner to make a kind of goal, toward how much percentage of the existence crimes they should reduce. Besides the number of computer crimes, computer crime statistics also show some common crimes happened in the cybercrime.


There are indeed several common crimes showed by computer crime statistics, which are divided into two categories; they are crimes that attack computer network as malware and computer viruses, and crimes that attack via internet as spam, identity theft, and phishing scams. Identity theft seems to be much dangerous crimes of all, as it is closely dealing with internet surfers’ finance. In addition, if you are about to enter a computer science school, consider visiting government’s official statistic based for more precise computer crime statistics.

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