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Laser eye surgery Portland is the new method of the surgeons used when they will operate their patient. What for? The laser eye surgery is now popular in the people mind today. The new method of the laser surgery makes many people are so curious with the surgery method of the laser eye surgery. The using the laser eye surgery is so important today to reshape the cornea of the patient so that the patient still have the chance to have the better sight right after getting the surgery of the eyes. There are two types of the laser eye surgery Portland you have to see. The first is the photo refractive keratectomy or PRK and the second one is assisted in situ keratomileusis or Lasik.

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What is the difference between laser eye surgery Portland PRK and Lasik? It is about PRK at the first time. In using the photo refractive keratectomy, the doctor will use it manually to check the cornea whether there is the problem of cornea or not. It can be corrected by using the excimer laser of the laser eye surgery Portland. But, this PRK is not used again widely because of the releasing of the laser eye surgery Portland new technology. Well, LASIK finally released in this time to improve the latest PRK treatment eye surgery.

Laser eye surgery Portland Lasik

Right after the new technology of LASIK has been released, many people will ask what the new advance thing with Lasik eye laser surgery today. Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis will cut the cornea flap by using the micro keratome blade of the metal. It was the safe material used for the laser eye surgery Portland so that this is used right now by almost doctor around the world. Before using this laser eye surgery Portland, the doctor should follow the procedure how to use this eye laser because the wring procedure can harm the people.

So, to be the expert using the laser eye surgery Portland Lasik, the doctor should have the experience how to use this. The patient will be able to feel the effect of the laser eye surgery Portland right after 24 hours. Having the eye surgery using the eye laser is being the new experience for you, especially in controlling your eyes. But, the weakness of this Lasik laser eye surgery is still so high. But, the high price is not being the problem because the quality of the laser eye surgery Portland is guaranteed to you.

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