Kitchen Refacing

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Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing is one way to give your kitchen a makeover while also sticking to a tight budget. You can try it if your kitchen cabinets are in good shape and they are well constructed. If you are not having structural issues, then refacing the cabinets can make a world of difference in how your kitchen looks. There is no need to buy completely new cabinets when with a little elbow grease you can make your old cabinets new again.


The Doors


To give your kitchen cabinets a new look you will start with the doors. The doors are the main surface area of the cabinets and they are what give your cabinets there look. You have many options when it comes to dealing with the cabinet doors.


You can either replace them completely or simply refinish them. You can also just leave them off altogether and go for an open cabinet look. This seems to be a rather popular option. However, many people still prefer to have some type of door on their kitchen cabinet.

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So, if you decide to replace your doors by buying new you will need to take the proper measurements and go shopping. However, most people will not replace doors that are still in good structural condition. Instead, you will refinish them.


You can send them down and then repaint then or apply a varnish. Just something this simple will completely change the look of your cabinets. It may seem like something little but it makes a huge impact, as you will see.




Newly refinished cabinets need new hardware. This is the next step in your kitchen refacing project. You can buy hardware easily and they are rather inexpensive. Even the most expensive hardware will not cost anywhere near what it would have cost you to replace your cabinets. Keep that in mind and just choose the hardware that matches the look you are going for. Also, do not forget about the hardware on the drawers and other areas of the kitchen that you may need to replace to make match your new cabinet hardware.

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Finishing Up


Once you have the doors looking new and the new hardware in place, you will need to touch up the actual cabinets. Do not forget the sides that are exposed. Also, this is the time to paint the drawer fronts. Make sure you allow adequate time for all the paint or varnish to dry before you rehang the cabinet doors.


Once you have the doors back in place you will get to see how much this simple kitchen refacing project has changed the look of your kitchen. You get a whole fresh new look with a project that probably will take only a day or two. Kitchen refacing does not have to expensive or time consuming. With just some paint and new hardware, it is simple to make your kitchen look new again.

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