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Kitchen Design Tools Today

We live in a great age. The age of the modern computer is phenomenal. Yes they glitch and we want to blow them up when they do that and loose our data, but for the moist part life is good. Think about something as mundane as doing some remodeling in the kitchen. Today we have software that we consider to be kitchen design tools. It can give us a representation of anything we can imagine in a matter of moments.


In days of old the kitchen design tools consisted of a drafting board and a bunch of rendering things like protractors, lead pencils and the like. The draftsman would design it out and then he would pass it on to a graphic artist to render a visual three-dimensional drawing so that you the consumer could get a concept of what the design would actually look like.

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That was great if you lived in a pencil style world that was drawn out but it seems like every time you actually saw one of those things after it was built, the final real room looked a whole lot different than the one that had been designed by the kitchen design tools in the hands of the manual artist and draftsman. That’s the way it was for years because there was no better way to get it done.


When computers started becoming more graphically oriented it became possible to bring the virtual world to life and the kitchen design tools became more complicated. We could now see better representations of the things that were going there but they were still just that. Digital representations of things like sinks and stoves and cabinets.


Today things have gotten advanced enough with the kitchen design tools that you can take an actual photo of the kitchen you want to design. That means your own kitchen that you live in and see every day. You can take that photo and actually change the colors to what you envision as easily as a mouse click. You can change the sink from the tired old stainless to a sleek nee black and the white Formica counter top can become a dark gray granite top in the matter of a second.


Most of the nicer kitchen design tools software programs also allow you to use photos of the actual appliances that you are thinking of and put them in there so you can truly get the total feel of the project before you order and commit your cash to the job.

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Toda’s kitchen design tools have come a long way from the drafting tables of the early years and it is making it a lot easier for today’s homeowner to get a clear view of what they are after long before they even contact a contractor for pricing. The ability to use real pictures also means that there is no excuse for the job to turn out less than exactly as you envision it.

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