Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

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Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Just for grins put in “kitchen cabinets wholesale” into a search engine and see what kind of returns you get. I managed to get 620,000 returns, making it seem as if there were no other way to get kitchen cabinets at a wholesale price or nothing! This means that all kitchen cabinets are offered at wholesale prices, and none of them feature kitchen cabinets retail priced.


I don’t know about you, but all I can do is shake my head. Whether or not you will purchase kitchen cabinets wholesale is simply for you to compare and compare again, each site that has what you are interested in. Weigh the descriptions exceedingly carefully. Is one company as opposed to another offering you better mechanism to close drawers and hinges that will last for the lifetime of the cabinet, or are they cheaply made and will fall apart after a few uses. What weight rating do they give their drawers? Is the wood hand polished and finished or what?

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Most important is the recognition on your part of the difference between RTA delivery and factory assembled. RTA, if you do not know it, means “ready to assemble” thus if you are not ready to pick up the heavy boxes yourself, or are unable to assemble the cabinets yourself, you must factor in the costs of not only shipping, but how you are going to pick up the heavy boxes, or are you going to pay a lot extra to have them shipped to your home? Many of these places that purport to sell you kitchen cabinets wholesale play “games” with shipping and handling. Unless you are in the kitchen remodeling business, are you going to have a forklift and a truck to pick up pallet loads of RTA cabinet parts? Pay close attention to where they will be delivered and what you need to collect them.


Does the site promise hardwood doors and plywood box construction? How heavy is the plywood? It makes a great deal of difference if it’s 1/2″ furniture grade plywood box construction or 5/8″ finished plywood box construction. What’s the method of their joinery system, and will you be able to do it properly yourself? Are the shelves going to become adjustable shelves and what kinds of pins will hold them up? Beware of particleboard construction, it simply will wear out very quickly! Promising kitchen cabinets wholesale, is not wholesale if you are getting inferior products.


Finally, if you are going to purchase kitchen cabinets wholesale on the Internet, make sure that they belong to the Better Business Bureau, and make sure that they have a toll-free phone number available for questions or complaints, or simply to help you design your kitchen cabinets. When you order online make sure that you have a secure connection, it always amazes me that people just do not know to look for the little golden padlock found on their tray when they have a secure connection.

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