Kitchen Cabinet Prices

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Kitchen Cabinet Prices

Today if you are planning on remodeling your home one of the first rooms that you would be advised to do for maximum resell ability would indeed be your kitchen area. That is the room that carries the majority of weight when people look at a prospective place to buy.


That is because not only is it a room that people spend a lot of time in but it is the room that traditionally the woman has control over and as a result it can make or break a sale. When you are looking to redo the kitchen you are going to see that the kitchen cabinet prices are going to vary widely and they will make a great dent in your budget.

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There are a lot of different types of kitchen cabinets out there and with the wide range of types of cabinets there is a wide spectrum of kitchen cabinet prices as well. There are lower cost mass produced cabinets that have been done like the prefab homes and all constructed and shipped out to the home improvement warehouses to be tweaked by the contractor during install so that they will fit where you are putting them.


One the top end of the spectrum of kitchen cabinet prices are the ones that are totally hand constructed by a craftsman in your home. These custom designed cabinets are measured cut and assembled in your home so they fit like they were made just for you because, well they were made just for you.

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The lower end kitchen cabinet prices are going to include what is called a builders grade where it is made from particle board covered with a hard covering on the low end of this type of cabinet to the ones made of pine and other woods at the top of the price scheme. These lower priced cabinets are usually quite functional and do a fairly good job of looking good and keeping the price low.


I would recommend though that you not opt for a particle or pressed wood variety because should moisture seep into the wood it can weaken the structure and the difference in kitchen cabinet prices between pressed wood and real wood like pine is not that large for the quality and longevity factor.

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Even within the local scene you will find that kitchen cabinet prices are going to vary widely between makes and models from dealer to dealer. This is partially due to buying power. The economics are that the more of an item that someone can buy the less they can pay for it and the less they can sell it for and make a decent profit. That has always been the theory behind the super center philosophy and it is no different in this industry.

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