Kitchen Base Cabinets

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Kitchen Base Cabinets


Every story has a beginning and every project has a starting point. When you are remodeling a kitchen that starting point is often going to be the kitchen base cabinets, which are indeed the foundation that the rest of the kitchen is built upon. It is literally the building block upon which the rest of the items are placed to finish the project.


The kitchen base cabinets are the beginning upon which the counter tops are placed. They are the pieces that are there to support the kitchen sink regardless of the style or variety that is chosen. Without a good base there would be no kitchen. So for this reason it is fairly important that you give due consideration to the color, style and type of cabinetry that is installed in your kitchen during the initial construction or the remodel, whichever is applicable to your need.

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When considering the kitchen base cabinets it is recommended that you take the persons input who will be spending the most time in that room. That is generally the person in the house that does the majority of the cooking. In the stereotypical set up that would be the wife. Though it’s certainly does not have to be.

The reason that you want the input of that person when deciding on the perfect kitchen base cabinets for your home is multi faceted. The chef of the house needs to have things set up a certain way in order to make the food preparation efficient and easier. In my house my wife likes the heavy pots and pans near the sink and not close to the stove. My sister however prefers the heavy pans right next to the stove.

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As you can see the kitchen base cabinets need to be arranged differently for those two people or they are not going to be happy. And while for most things you could just swap the location of the pans in the cabinets once they are installed, in our house the pans actually hang in the cabinet rather than sitting on the base of the cabinet so knowing what goes where is important to my wife.


Kitchen base cabinets can either be made of some form of laminate covering to make for easier cleaning or they can be stained wood grain to make it more colorful and more elegant. The best thing is again to let your personal needs and taste is the guide. Though from a strict standpoint, wood is easier to refinish down the line should your color tastes change whereas if you use a laminate covering it can be costly and expensive to unglue and then re-glue a new covering down the line.

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