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Kindred Sink

The Kindred sink company actually called the Kindred, USA company is located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. There they make a plethora of items for your kitchen, from drop-in, under counter, food prep, Cuisinette, Europa, and laundry and utility sinks. Not only do they make such a beautiful line of such sinks, they also make such items as cutting boards, strainer baskets, roll mats, bottom sink grids, drain trays, colanders, and baskets, as well as even soap dispensers!


The Kindred sink folks make such interesting items, too. For instance do you remember farmhouse sinks? They used to be extremely deep and rectangular in shape. Then the front piece of the farmhouse sink went down the front, like an apron, as low as the entire depth of the sink instead of the built-in-cabinetry that is shown in modern kitchens. It gives the entire kitchen a vintage feeling about it, a look of a traditional country home.

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The best designers around tell us to not be afraid to pair our delightful farmhouse Kindred sink with the more modern appearance of a stainless steel refrigerator and such.


After all, these particularly styled appliances actually complement each other in a way that will tie the kitchen together. Can you imagine what a timeless classic sink can do for your kitchen? It is available for you in marvelously durable stainless steel. It features a large capacity, undermount design that has an amazing 12″ bowl depth and features a full 16-gauge stainless steel apron. With the right farmhouse flooring, cabinets, backsplash, and countertops you too can have an inviting, unique, elegant kitchen that others will simply marvel at! If copper is more the style of your dreams, you can have a real copper sink from Kindred too, and pair that with copper appliances!


By the way, you may not know exactly what a 16-gauge stainless steel sink means to you. The gauge is how you can tell the thickness of the stainless steel. Gauge is the reverse of many measurements because in this case the lower the gauge number, then the thicker and enhanced is the stainless steel. Therefore, 16-gauge is substantially better than 20 gauge, for instance. This is why a Kindred sink is considered so spectacular; it’s made with substantially better gauge stainless steel.


What else might you not know about a Kindred sink? Well, stainless steel will scratch, and when it’s new you will find many scratches in it, but as you have it for a while, the myriad of scratches turn into a fine wondrous patina that will actually blend into the surface. Also, you need not worry about extreme heat or cold with stainless steel. You can comfortably pour out a potful of boiling pasta in your sink without a care.

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When water is left standing somewhere on a stainless steel Kindred sink, eventually it will of course evaporate. You may find that it leaves a film or spots on the beautiful surface of the steel. You may easily remove the film with the use of water and regular dish soap, cleaning it gently with a soft cloth. Should you experience heavier residue, for instance if you have hard water, you can then use a mild solution of water and vinegar. Following this rinse thoroughly and as you towel dry, you’ll note that all the spots are gone.


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