The Information You Need to Know on Kitchen Wall Cabinets

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The Information You Need to Know on Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinets are popular because they save floor space and allow you to make the most out of your vertical space in your kitchen. When you are choosing kitchen wall cabinets it can help to understand a little more about them. Knowing the characteristics and options available in Kitchen wall cabinets will allow you to choose the ones that are best for you.




Kitchen wall cabinets are usually 12 inches in depth. You can get specialty cabinets that are designed to fit into specific spaces, such as over the fridge, that are different depths. This type of cabinet comes in standard heights from 12 inches to 36 inches and are available in 3 inch increments in between 12 and 36.

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When you are selecting the height of your kitchen wall cabinets, you need to consider your ceiling height. You should also consider what would work for you. You can get cabinets that span all the way to the top of your ceiling, but consider if you would use the top portion. You do not want to have to reach too high in your cabinets. You may never use taller cabinets, so just consider that when choosing the height of your kitchen wall cabinets.




There are four types of kitchen wall cabinets. These four types give you different options to make your kitchen exactly what you need. The first type is a standard base. It has a drawer and a door with shelves below. The second is a drawer base with stacked drawers. The third is a sink base that is open with a door and false drawer. The last type is a corner base. It may have shelves or a lazy susan.




Of course, the basic styles come with a lot of options. You can choose from a range of styles with drawers and shelves. You can get built in appliances or holders. You may find cabinets with areas built in for a microwave or to hold cups. There are many options form which to choose. When shopping it is the options that allow you to personalize your kitchen wall cabinets.


Kitchen wall cabinets are a great option for your kitchen. They are widely used in all styles of kitchen design. When you want options you should choose this type of cabinet. You can use them to fill the vertical spaces and add storage or you can use them to help you create more function in your kitchen. Whatever you decide upon, you can find amazing kitchen wall cabinets that will compliment your design and help create a functional kitchen that works well for this busy room of the house.

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