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How to clean up my computer is an important answer you should examine, if your computer (either old or brand new one) has shown some problems. A computer commonly needs to be cleaned up, when it shows such slow performance in system processing. Yet, since there are many problems that effect on the slow performance, you are to make sure that by cleaning up your computer, you can solve the slow computer performance. In other words, before learning on how to clean up my computer, you are to find out whether cleaning up your computer is the best solution.


Most computer users might think that an answer on how to clean up my computer is simple; the truth is, there are several essential steps in cleaning up some computer’s hard drive space, using certain program software. If you are a computer newbie, it is probably quite difficult in doing the essential steps to clean up your computer. This article, therefore, will break down some explanations on how to clean up my computer.

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The first answer or step on how to clean up my computer is updating your antivirus virus definition and program, to make sure that there is no malware or viruses that cause you computer’s slow performance. Some good antivirus even make a recommendation for users to clean up their computer’s hard drive for a better performance. However, if you have no software like this, you simply need to do the further step on how to clean up my computer, that is, the hard drive cleaning up.


After making sure that you do need the disk cleanup, the next step on how to clean up my computer to do is clearing up some hard drive by using the ‘hard drive cleanup’ feature. To use this feature, you are to right-click certain hard drive, and then left-click the drive cleanup option. If you have some valuable files, you are recommended to move the important files and leave unnecessary files on the hard drive, before dong this step of how to clean up my computer.

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Another way on how to clean up my computer is by removing some unnecessary programs in your computer start-up. Cleaning files as multimedia or worksheet programs are not enough in cleaning up your computer’s hard drive; you also need to cleaning some programs in program files’ folder. In doing the program removal, you cannot apply the same method as removing ordinary files. Instead, you are to use control panel’s program and choose a feature to remove some computer programs. In addition, online sources are the place where you will find much detailed explanation on how to clean up my computer.

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