Your Guide to Kitchen Aid Mixers

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Your Guide to Kitchen Aid Mixers

One of the products that Kitchen Aid is best known for is their line of mixers. When most people think about Kitchen Aid they think about the excellent mixers because this company has built a reputation for providing the best quality products on the market and their mixers are the top product in their lineup.




One of the best qualities about Kitchen Aid mixers is that they are multifunctional. These mixers can do almost anything from simple mixing to whipping to kneading dough. Operation of all these different functions is simple due to the quality construction. Each mixer has easy to use controls that make it simple to operate.



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Every Kitchen Aid mixer is made to the highest quality standards. Every aspect of operation runs smoothly and with ease. The mixers are made to provide you with the best operation possible. With features like a non-slip bowl that stays in place no matter what type of mixing you are doing, Kitchen Aid mixers will get the job done with ease every time. You also get a powerful motor that withstands even the toughest jobs and efficient operation that ensures everything in the bowl gets mixed without accumulating on the sides of the bowl. An example of solid Kitchen Aid construction is one of the mixers that features the ability to mix two batches of bread dough at once.




Kitchen Aid mixers also come loaded with features. So, in addition to the quality construction and the multifunctional aspects, your new mixer is equipped with features such as:


10 speed slide control

Power Knead spiral dough hook

transmission with direct drive and all steer gear

commercial style motor protection

325 watt motor

5 quart bowl

multiple color options to match any d’cor

flat beater

wire whip

pouring shield


Every Kitchen Aid mixer made for the home kitchen comes with the Kitchen Aid Total Replacement Warranty. This warranty covers malfunctions occurring within the first year after purchase. If you need to replace your mixer while it is still under warranty, you will get complete service form Kitchen Aid. The company picks up the faulty model and will send you a replacement free of charge. It is no hassle for you and no cost for you.

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Kitchen Aid mixers make a great addition to your kitchen. You can do so many things with a mixer from Kitchen Aid that you will never get a chance to put it away. It will quickly become a staple in your kitchen and something that you cannot live without. For the serious baker or cook, Kitchen Aid mixers are the perfect option to get the job done.

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