Granite Kitchen Sink

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Granite Kitchen Sink

Granite kitchen sink are the choice of a lifetime, the most resilient choice for your kitchen. A Granite kitchen sink will outlast any other sink you have to choose from, for your kitchen. Many granite stone colors to choose from slate gray to dark black and other natural tones. Granite kitchen sink can be a purchase for a lifetime for your kitchen. If you find the price of a granite kitchen sink to be a little more than another sink option, remember the chances of ever having to replace it with another is slim to none.


The most important reasons to buy your granite kitchen sink is they are stain free, chip free and scratch free you can polish it to shine like new. Easy to clean and wipe down with the cleaning product of your choice or even soap and water. Your choice of buying a granite kitchen sink also comes with the thought of being non-absorbent or waterproof; this feature is one of a kind for a sink, also makes it more sanitary than any other sink.

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A granite kitchen sink is a natural stone, which makes the features out rule all other other sinks. Heat resistant is one of the best features of a granite kitchen sink. You can sit a hot pot or pan in the bottom of your sink and walk away with not worrying about chipping, cracking or staining your sink from the heat (up to 500 to 535 degrees Fahrenheit). When you do not have the worry about cracking chipping or staining your granite kitchen sink cooking and cleaning in your kitchen can be faster than ever.


Granite kitchen sink come in single and double-sided sinks, various depths ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches for most fabrications for both styles of sinks. Most manufactures give you the choice of a center drain hole or a rear drain hole. Depending on what you are, looking for you can pick what best suits your workspace. Some manufactures have pre set wholes for your faucets that you can knock out to fit your needs. You can even have the choice to knock out wholes for sprayers or soap dispensers.

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Granite kitchen sink are Natural stone, which is made out of Feldspar, Quarts and Mica the amount of each mineral added is different depending on the color of each granite kitchen sink. When these minerals are compressed together to make granite it forms the durability and specialty to become a long lasting investment for your kitchen. After you make the purchase of your granite kitchen sink and fall in love with it, you are going to want to change all the sinks in your house to granite.

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