Gout Symptoms Big Toe, Is it Always the Same Look?

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gout symptoms big toe are the most important things that you have to know. Gout is a disease that kills our joints slowly because too much uric acid in blood so it become crystallize in the joints. Also, there are many people who get attacked by this disease, especially from men for about 97% that have this disease. Gout will attack to you if you don’t have a healthy life, such as seldom to exercise, overweight, love to eat everyday, drinks alcohol, also stress. These factors are the best supplier for this gout in your body, first let us talking about gout symptoms in your big toe.

gout symptoms big toe are the first symptom that attacked in your big toe. Your big toe will become yellow, also you will feel burn in your big toe, but also you will feel so much pain in your big toe. Don’t ever try to wear sandals, shoe, or any activities that use your big toe because if you do that, you will feel so much pain and getting dizzy. Also, after gout attack your big toe, it will attack all of your joints in your joints, like knees, elbows, fingers, every joints. Sounds horror, but it’s a fact that every people should admit it. Let me tell you how to relieve the pain in your joints.

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Gout symptoms big toe and Its Biggest factors

gout symptoms big toe will show that you already have gout in your body, and if gout attacked you so suddenly. First, you have to put an ice around your gout area so it will reduce your pain. Maybe it sounds discomfort but believe me, it’s better for you to feel discomfort because an ice than because of your disease. Also, don’t use any activities that related to your pain. You have to be calm, and try to put ibuprofen to help you easing your pain, also you have to do an exercise slowly for about 1-2 times a day to strengthen your joints because your joints getting weaker after an attack.

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Symptoms in your big toe maybe scared, but don’t worry because it’s a first step in gout that attacked your body. You have to ask a doctor about medication to heal your gout, such as: colchicine, corticosteroids, NSAIDS, allopurinol, sulfinpyrazone, and ACTH. All of these medications are for: reduce inflammation, prevent another attack of gout, maintain and manufactures uric acid, also can prevent gout to come again in your life. But remember, drink more water and exercise are the best natural medications to heal gout. Beware of gout, especially for men.


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