Gout Remedy : Let’s Go Natural or Lets Go Chemical

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Gout remedy are consisted of medication from doctors and gout home remedy. Since gout is caused by the high level of uric acid formed in the joint, the only way to eliminate gout is by vanishing the uric acid developer, the uric acid.


Gout Remedy : The Natural Way

The natural way of Gout remedy is could be started by having exercisses and consuming healthy foods. Some foods considered as the foods to avoid gout are fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Also low level calory intake will be a good help. Whole wheat breads and some bananas in the morning combined with such fruits like apple will be a prefect start for curing the gout. Also, having more intake on fresh fruits will become a cholesterol killer that causing uric acid. Beside the foods, exercises also needed to eliminate the uric acid deposits on the joint. The reason is, exercises will also burn not only calory but also the cholestereol. After the exercise, the next remedy to cure gout is by reducing even stop consuming alcohol for better condition. Remember, too many alcohol consumption level is a trigger to uric acids development. Uric acid will increase if we couldn’t control it.

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The Medications of Gout Remedy.


Another way of having gout treatment is by using prescribed medications from the doctors. Gout has been known since 18 century as the diseasse as if the sufferer is being bitten by a scorpio. The medical prescription of gout is aimed to reduce the uric acid level and also giving the anti-inflammatory medication together with pain killer drugs. Gout remedy on medical terms are having ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs with non steroid containts and some other anti-pain drugs. Some list of drugs used are ; steroids, prophylaxis, pegloticase. For sure, all the medications are aimed to cure the gout by lowering the level of uric acid. Beside the medical prescription, there is also over the counter medication are available for those who are suffering from gout. Some OTC gout you might utilize are those that already certified and acknowledged by the US agency on medication FAA.

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Gout is tremendously a serious problem. Those who are suffering from gout attack will find many ways to stop it from happening. Gout attack is not only painfull but also annoying. Uncomfortable feeling is involved there. In this case, the gout must be fixed. And then we should see the gout remedy.

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