Gout, How Do You Get It?

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Before I tell you more about you do you get gout, I’ll explain what is gout. Gout; is a disease also is a kind of arthritis. Gout can cause many pain to your body, such as sudden burning pain, swelling in your joints, pain, always in your big toe. These attacks can be happen gradually until your gout can be healed. If you not heal your gout, it can attack your joints, tissues, and tendons. This disease is usually common in men. This is all explanation about gout also you have to heal this disease so it can prevent a bigger effect to your body.

What Causes Gout?

How do you can get gout, because it happened by too much uric acid in your blood. Usually, uric acid is not really dangerous in your body, because this chemical is not harmful. But, one conditions. If uric acid is already too high in your blood, it can affect to form crystals in your joints. This can be happened if you are overweight, eat too much like meat and fish, also love to drink an alcohol, also drink medicine (water pills) can cause gout. These causes can make you get gout instantly, so you have to do your healthy life because gout is very dangerous and it difficult to heal if gout in your body is getting worse.

Then, you can get gout by recognizing their symptoms because there are many symptoms that you have to know so you can realize that you get gout or not. I will explain to you a common signs to understand about symptoms of gout, there are: nighttime attack of swelling, redness, tenderness, and pain in your big toe. Ankle, knees also foot can be attacked by gout also. You have to understand that pain caused by gout can last for about a few days or a week. This pain can make your day like hell, because gout is really painful.

Many people ask me about how do you get gout? Then I absolutely say I never get gout because I have do so many exercise twice a day, and 3 times for a week. Gout is almost common to people who love to eat too much and seldom exercise. Exercise is a good way to prevent gout in attacking your body. Gout, also called a disease for rich people, because rich people have too many meats or fish from their menu, so that’s why it’s very dangerous to eat to many meats or fish. Also, you have to drink 8 times regularly everyday so it can clean your blood from uric acid in your blood. Healthy life is start by now, so you have to start by exercise.

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