Gout Home Remedies To Try

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Gout home remedies are all you need when you are looking for a remedy for arthritis that is effective, giving permanent effect, and also safe to apply. Arthritis, which is basically a joint and skin disorder, is mostly suffered by adult men; although sometimes it is attacking women who have been in their menopause. If you are currently suffering from this disorder, good news for you is that there have been many treatment options you can choose. Similar to other disorders or diseases, there are basically two kinds of treatment you can choose: the medical remedy and home or natural remedy. Both remedy options have a different procedure, although they effectively heal this disorder.

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Gout Home Remedies Using Natural Ingredients

Here are some things you can do to gout home remedies; in these actions, you are going to need some natural ingredients you can easily find in the kitchen. In order to reduce the joint pain, you have to apply ice (ice block, that is) for around 10 up to 15 minutes. This is actually the easiest thing you can do, when the pain suddenly attacks; as you know, arthritis might cause pain in particular moment. Besides reducing the pain, applying ice block or cold water will be helpful in reducing inflammation. Another remedy you can easily do is by doing exercise the joints.


Other gout home remedies You Can Actually Try

There are some gout home remedies that are using some medicines, such as taking ibuprofen in order to ease the pain. Another thing you can do at home to relieve pain caused by arthritis is soaking your feet in Epsom Salt; this is the best thing to do when the pain concentrated in your big toe. Epsom Salt is principally an arthritis remedy that has been used for years; your parents or even grandparents might suggest you to do this home treatment. This remedy substance contains Magnesium, which will lower your blood pressure.


The best treatment of arthritis, according to some sources, is natural ingredients as fruits and vegetables. Some online sources mentioned that eating strawberries (the fresh ones) would be helpful in neutralizing uric acid. These berries contain high vitamin C and minerals as potassium and magnesium. If you do not really like eating berries, you can also consume some cherries (fresh or juiced cherries). Another home remedy, which is much easier than applying ice, is drinking mineral water from 8 up to 10 glasses per day.

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