Gout In Foot: Symptoms And Treatment Options

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Gout in foot is another type of gout, and if you are currently suffering from this gout, this article is what you have to read. In general, gout is a type of arthritis that can potentially cause an attack of sudden stiffness, pain, and other symptoms. This joint disorder seems to gain sufferers these past years; mainly because people tend to underestimate this disorder, comparing it to heart attack and other deadly diseases. The truth is, this joint disorder can possibly cause such unbearable pain in a later stage. For this reason, it is better for you to be aware more about gout by learning the symptoms and treatment options.


Symptoms of Gout, and Especially gout in foot

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Gout, including gout in foot, is basically caused by the large amount of uric acid in the blood; such uric acid is then crystalized and then piled on the joints. In gout that happens on foot, the uric acid crystals are piled on particular joints on the feet. Due to this uric acid pile, the sufferers usually get a nighttime attack of tenderness, sharp pain, up to joint swelling. Most of the time, you can also get gout attacks in your foot and other parts of your body as ankle and knees. The symptoms of gout might last for many weeks or just few days.


Treatment Options of gout in foot and Other Kinds of Gout

If you are suffering from one of the above symptoms on your foot, you are obviously suffering from gout in foot. Luckily for you, there are now many treatment options you can choose and apply to get rid of this joint disorder. These treatments are meant to both relieve the sudden pain caused by gout, and as the long-term treatment to deal with further complications as kidney damage. There are two treatment options you have to deal with gout; they are medical and natural treatment (or home remedy).


When you get such sudden gout attack, you had better rest the affected joint; meanwhile, you can either consume a prescribed medicine or drink a glass of water with baking soda. If you are suffering from a severe gout, it is better for you to take a medicine, such as ibuprofen (or other NSAID drugs), corticosteroid, and colchicine. To prevent further gout attack, you should take a medicine that lessens the uric acid in the blood, regularly. Besides, you must also control your weight, avoid alcohol, and avoid foods containing high purine. In addition, always live a healthy lifestyle if you really want to be free for good from gout in foot.

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