Gout Foods : A Pit Stop

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Gout foods are the foods should be avoided if we don’t want have the gout to come to our life. The foods that causing gouts are those foods with high purines level which mean lead to the deposits of high level uric acid.

Gout Foods : What Foods Should Be Avoided

Some of us probably noticed on fat and cholesterol impact to our body and it could derived from the foods the we are consuming. But, probably we haven’t heard that gout as part of disease caused by the unhealthy eating habit as well. And, when it comes to gout foods, we must think about the foods with purines and its break down formulation, uric acid. Uric acid crystals are the main form if we gathered in the joint will drive the gout to arrive. Some foods should be avoided if we don’t want to invite gout are;

  • Seafoods like scallops, lobsters, tuna, trout, herring fish, salmon are those that we consumed like on daily basis. Well, better be avoiding those if possible, since they are having high level of purines which may lead to uric acid and uric acid crystals.
  • Red Meats ; such red meats like porks, beefs, muttons, are being called as the gout invaders especially when it was in such special way of fatty rich.
  • Poultry meats ; chickens meat, duck meats and turkey also considered as having purines though not as high as red meats.
  • Organs meats ; stop eating kidneys, liver or other organs meats that we used to consume.
  • Beers ; beers with alcohol level in high volume is believed to be the reason uric acid staying in excessive way around our joint that caused the gout to be part of life
  • Soda and sugary drinkings ; better be start avoiding those soda drinks and sugary drinkings like bottles of ice tea. Those drinks are having artifial if not preservative which could trigger the existence of purines and uric acid.
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What To Do To Contest Gout Foods

There is a simple way of contesting gout foods by doint the opposite way ;

  • Exercising ; its believed exercising could help the reduce ofuric acids in the bloodstream since it will be burn consistenly together with calories.
  • Having green tea ; Indeed green tea could be an ati-oxidant to kill the excessive uric acid in the blood stream
  • Having fresh fruits ; simple fresh fruits like apples, pears or orange juice could be tried on on daily intake as part of uric acid cleansing.

There is no difficult way of being healthy by having diet plan on our life. If we want to avoid gout, we could simply avoid the source of the problem. Lest not having the first step by not having the gout foods.

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