Gout Foods To Eat And To Avoid

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Gout foods to eat and to avoid are essential things you should learn when you are suffering from gout. According to various medical sources, gout is one of the typical types of arthritis, an illness dealing with joints and bones. Severe and sudden swollen joints and inflammation on skin (and sometimes skin rash) are some of the common symptoms and character of this joint disorder. Good news if you are suffering from this disease is that there have been several treatments you can choose to get rid of gout. One of the most effective one is the natural treatment, and it means you have to consume and avoid certain kinds of foods.

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Some Gout Foods to Eat When Dealing with Gout

Consuming certain kinds of foods (and avoiding some of them) are basically the best natural treatment to almost any kinds of diseases and disorders. Anyway. There are at least three kinds of gout foods to eat –this is based on the American Medical Association. The three types of foods are foods that are high in complex carbohydrate, foods low in protein, and foods that have less than 30% of calories in fat. An American specialist of nutritional education suggested that gout sufferers supply protein from low-fat dairy products as eggs, tofu, and chicken. Basically, foods with lean protein are much better because it does have the lowest protein containment.


Fruits are principally good and highly recommended to consume in any illness or disease, including in gout. Indeed; according to the US’s health institution, fruits (particularly cherries) are helpful in preventing gout. This kind of fruit also helps to alleviate symptoms of gout. And yes, cherries are included into gout foods to eat because it contains low purine level and inflammation-reducing substance. Low-fiber cereals, nuts, seeds, and breads are also good for you, and people who are suffering from this joint disorder.


Besides Gout Foods to Eat: Foods to Avoid

When dealing with certain disorder (in this case is gout), you should also avoid certain kinds of foods. As mentioned previously, foods with high-level of protein and purine are not good if you have this disorder. For this reason, avoid consuming certain kinds of fish as herring, shrimp, and scallops during the gout treatment. Besides, you should also stop your habit to consume alcohol, because they contain high purine, which will worsen your gout. In addition, it is better for you to consult to a doctor or a nutritionist if you need more information about foods to avoid and gout foods to eat.

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