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Gout food to avoid list can help you control what you gonna consume. For those who had gout problem, control their food is very important. It because food is play a role in gout disease too. How food can causing gout was become worse? Many foods contain purines inside. Those purines will enter our bodies and blood. Once purines shatter and stuck in our joints it will cause an extremely pain that’s what we call gout. Now I will tell you about what food you should avoid to keep your joint free from gout.


Preventing action with gout food to avoid list


Preventing is better than curing. That’s what people said. And I think it’s true. Why we must spend a lot of money to curing the disease meanwhile we can do any preventing action and taking care of our bodies. By that reason, everyone who had or hadn’t gout is better to have a gout food to avoid list. Having this list doesn’t mean you can’t eat any foods and drink you loved. You still can consume them, but in a right portion and times. And before you make your own list, you should know what food can cause gout. And here’s the list.

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Gout food to avoid list


First gout food to avoid list is red meats. Red meats include poultry, lamb, pork, and beef. This includes organs like tongue, kidney, fish roe, meat gravies, meat extract, and brains. You should avoid some seafood too like sushi, crabs, and oysters. Other seafood you need to avoid of is fish. Fish had many variants, but you need to avoid this kind of fish such as anchovies, sardines, and mackerels. Other foods you need to avoid of in list is vegetables. I know you are wondering why we should avoid vegetables meanwhile it has many good nutrients for our body. Not all the vegetables is good for our bodies. Some vegetables also contain a high-level of purines like beans, lentils, spinach, and peas. Those vegetables contain a high-level of purines, so we need to avoid them.

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Beside food, some beverages also can causing gout badly. For example, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, and even tea. And the most risking beverages to causing gout is alcoholic drinks. As we know that alcoholic drinks had many negative effects for those who consume it. And research prove that a high-level of purines found in beer. Yes. Beers is the most alcoholic drinks with high risk to causing gout. After you are knowing what kinds of foods, and beverages which can causing gout, you can aware yourself by make your own gout food to avoid list.

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