Gout Diet As Part of The Medication

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Gout diet is aimed as part of medication for gout disease before starting the chemical based medication. The diet is being scheduled in order to reduce the level of uric acid in the bloodstream which causing the crystal’s deposits in the joint which eventually will cause stiff leg and swollen feet and thumbs.


The Gout Diet : The Plan


Gout is part of arthristic disease which already being known in ancient history as a disease where the big thumbs on the feet was as if biten by scorpion. The purines in seafoods and many other foods are accused as the source of uric acid development. Such seafoods like lobsters, prawn, herring fish are being listed as the uric acid donators. And, red meats and many other fat associates are among those to be avoid during gout diet. Also, keep in mind that consuming alcohol in high amount constantly will lead to gout’s appearance. Many people with obesity condition were treated as  gout patients. The reason is that uric acid is such a dangerous fat that produced due to unhealthy lifestyle that carried on for years. So, its now so obvious that we should avoid purines contained foods and also start having some fresh fruits and vegetables to clean the fat and cholesterol that inviting the uric acid to come.

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The Recipe for Gout Diet.

Basically, the recipe for the gout diet is having the principle of not eating fatty and oily foods which will invite the coming of cholesterol, fat and uric acid.

Breakfast : Breads on whole grains materials, an apple, orange juice (fresh one), free fat milk .

Lunch  : Baked Salmon (100 gram) with whole wheat bread and salads, tomato slices, fresh orange juice.   The bread could be changed by granola bars.

Dinner : Regular oat, salads, apple, high calcium milk, carrot and tomato juice, and baked chicken with ketchup sausage.

The main to be remembered when we are preparing the diet for people with gout is that the food is not for “punishing” them. The foods are supposed to be helping them maintain healthy lifestyle and reducing the uric acid level. The diet supposed to be plan as a weight loss program or at least colone cleansing program. Remember, the less fat, the more chance to cure gout problem. Make sure that apple always included as part the program for gout diet.

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