Glass Kitchen Cabinets

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Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Someone who currently owns a somber dark kitchen may be in the market to dress up their cabinets and their goal may well be to bring additional light into their drab kitchen. Chances are that this person would do well by considering a plan whereby glass cabinets are mixed in with other door fronts.


What glass can do is to bring the eye’s attention to the glass, and not to the ordinary stock cabinets. The use of glass kitchen cabinets will also make the entire kitchen appear much larger as it will actually bounce back any sunlight that may be entering the kitchen through the windows.


Many homeowners are horrified at the idea of having glass kitchen cabinets as they do not keep their cabinets in a manner that should be open for inspection. What many of those people do not realize is that there is a huge amount of different cabinets to choose from. Granted, the cabinet in which you keep your finest china or other collectibles should be utilizing clear glass though. On the other hand cabinets that are cluttered, as well as those which collect sticky fingerprints from your children will call for other choices for glass.

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Instead you may choose a ribbed glass, which allows the colors to show through the glass, yet hides the cluttered details. There are a myriad of choices for such cabinets with different patterns and even unusual textures.


The most common glass treatments are clear which features no textures nor patterns, ribbed which may be ribbed in either a diagonal, horizontal or vertical pattern, and beveled which features an artistically polished angle ground glass that gives it a delightful prismatic characteristic. Then there is bubbled glass that will impart a very specific illusion of age, or camed glass which has entrancing strips of copper, brass or lead set between the actual glass panes in the manner of Tiffany lamps.

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Or, you may be entranced by colored glass or etched glass, which have been expertly treated to show an artistic design in the glass. Perhaps you would prefer stained glass, textured glass or frosted glass for a more opaque look? What’s wonderful about stained glass is that it will bring many colors to your kitchen, be extremely stylish, yet will hide the contents of the cabinets.


Mullions also bring interesting designs to those cabinets that utilize glass. Some very unique kitchens have been created using glass kitchen cabinets that sandwich different materials between the panes of glass such as photographs, rice paper, or even fabrics or wallpaper.

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As you can see, the use of glass kitchen cabinets opens up an entire world of decorative ideas to brighten up a dull kitchen or even totally remodel it by the insertion of a few glass kitchen cabinets. All you need is an imagination!

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