Furnace Leaking Water – The Reasons Why

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Furnace leaking water is the problem for you in your household. Well, there are several common reasons you have to know why there is furnace leaking water in your home. The water leakage from the furnace could happen due to the dirty or bad filters, the blocked drains, and the shortage of the refrigerators. So, when there is something about furnace leaking water in your furnace, you should be able to solve that. You can check the reason why the furnace leakage. But, you have to remember that before you solve the furnace leaking water, you have to turn off the power source so that you are safety from the hazardous of electricity.

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The first reason furnace leaking water is the dirty filters. Why with the dirty filter? When your filter is dirty, the air flow will be restricted so that the disturbance will emerge on your furnace. When the restriction happened, coil temperature will decrease and it can reach until zero. Then, the condensation will happen on the coil and it will form the little ice flake. The little ice flake can cause the furnace leaking water. So, you have to clean your furnace so that the furnace leaking water doesn’t happen. Besides preventing furnace leaking water, cleaning the dirty filter can kill all bacteria form the furnace.

Blocked drains trigger furnace leaking water

The other reason why the furnace leaking water happened to your furnace is the blocked drain. What is the relationship between furnace leaking water with the blocked drain? This is because the blocked drain will also emerge the condensation in the other side of the furnace. Then, the condensation finally causes the furnace leaking water. The drain clocked is easy to diagnose. You can check the mount of the furnace to diagnose this. Then, when there is no problem with the mount of the furnace, you can check the pipe of the furnace. The drain pipe can also emerge the furnace leaking water.

Then, the next reason of furnace leaking water is the lost of the refrigerant. When you set the furnace with the lowest setting, your furnace could be covered by the little ice and it causes furnace leaking water. So, it can lose the refrigerant so that you need to repair this. But, usually it can be broken because of the little ice so that you need to add the new refrigerant. The leaking or lost of refrigerant will be the most common reason the leaking water happened. So, for the better performance, you have to check always your furnace from furnace leaking water.

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