Franke Kitchen Sinks

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Franke Kitchen Sinks

For many people summer is the perfect time to remodel their kitchen. Long days and vacation time add up to the perfect scenario for ripping out that old kitchen sink and opting for a new one such as the many varieties available from .


Since 1931  have been providing consumers with many alternatives for remodeling their kitchens. Over the years, they have perfected the manufacturing process and make sinks from the best materials in the world including stainless steel formed in a no weld method.


Franke kitchen sinks come in several design types including but not limited to single basin, double basin and farmhouse. Along with all the choices in composition you also have a variety of potential materials as well including titanium, stainless and fire clay just to name a few.

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Stainless Steel


Stainless is a popular material choice for sinks nowadays. It is easier to keep clean than white is and in the right kitchen is actually a complimentary piece. Not to mention that as a general rule stainless steel is less expensive than other common materials.




Large Deep Bowls

Sound deadening pads

Soft shape

Easy Installation

Extra Deep Ledges


You will find Franke kitchen sinks in stainless steel come in a variety of sizes and compositions. Do you need a large double sink or a simple single basin? Whatever your particular needs are there are Franke kitchen sinks to fit the bill.

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Franke kitchen sinks also come in granite.Granite is a sought after material for kitchens these days and adds elegance and style to any remodel. These granite sinks come in three lovely colors and all are manufactured with quality in mind.


Granite Franke kitchen sinks:


Will not chip

Will not stain

Will not crack

Will not scorch

Available in three colors

Available as single or double bowl


Custom Accessories


Franke kitchen sinks not only offer high quality and style but also go the extra mile to provide you with custom accessories created to fit perfectly with Franke kitchen sinks. You have a choice of:

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Custom cutting boards

Stainless bottom grids


Dish rack

Utensil holder

Dish drainer baskets



Franke kitchen sinks are one of the largest sink manufacturers in the United States. They have perfected their manufacturing process to bring customers the latest styles and functionality. When it comes to quality Franke kitchen sinks are number one.

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