Foot Pain – Causes, Treatments, And Preventing Action

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What is foot pain?

Foot pain is one condition when you feel pain in your feet for some reason. The foot had 24 bones structure inside with muscles and tendon to give you a movement. And the pain that you felt indicates that there is something wrong with internal or internal structures of your foot. Some people take this as a little problem and ignored it. But this can be worse. We don’t know what causes the pain in our foot. And if it getting worse and become acute it will affect your ability to do movements and other activities that using foot’s function.


What causes foot pain?


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Many conditions and injuries can causes foot pain like acute or repeated trauma, disease, or a combination of those most common causes of pain on your feet. Trauma is one condition where the bodies get forced outside and impacting the body. Forcing the body into a position which gives a damage result also can causing a trauma too. Using poor bio-mechanical and fitting a bad size of shoes for your foot will also cause pain too. And many other issues that can causing pain on your foot.


Foot pain treatments


If you’ve already got a foot pain, there are a few treatments you can get to cure the pain. First treatment is light treatment. You can do this treatment by yourself. This kind of treatment only works if your pain level is still low. The treatment method is like giving ice, compression, elevation, and resting your foot. You can give a light medicine to reduce its pain. And the second treatment is medical treatment. This treatment method is only an option in case your pain doesn’t reduce and getting worse than before. You can discuss and ask your doctors to get a solution for your pain. Sometimes, medical treatment is not always about surgery, there’s some easy way to do such as training and exercise, routine special medicine treatment, and many more.

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The best way to stay away from those pains is to keep our bodies healthy and do any preventing action. You can do any preventing action like keep your bodies in healthy condition, always use protector if you want to do exercise or athletic activities, make sure your shoes and socks clean by washing it with detergent, keep away from stress, and consume any healthy food. If you do those preventing action, you can avoid any disease that may causing foot pain.

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