Foot Gout, Brief Definitions and Myth

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Foot gout is a disease that caused by the excessive amount of uric acid. The uric acids were developed inside the joint and followed by infection. Uric acid is running in the in the blood its affecting the tissues as well.


Foot Gout and The Myth


For years, foot gout is part of problems faced by mostly men. This diseassse is believed as part of lifestyle problems, especially on eating and drinking habits. Alcohol and fatty foods are accused as the main reason of the gout’s development. Such excessive fats on the foods are now getting easy to be found. Therefore, no wonder that anyone could get the dissease. For sure, modern lifestyle has become the “supporter” of many diseasses. As the case of excessive uric acid, when the urinary system could not having excression work properly, the uric acid will stay in the joint and causing infection lead to gout and swelling foot.

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What Is The Symptoms of Foot Gout


Around 2 millions people in the US are believed to be having the foot gout. Most of them are men in the 40s-60s. Junk foods and excessive alcohol consumption among American are being one of the reason why this diseasse is occur. The symptoms of gout mainly are swelling tumb and it was so painfull. When the diseasse were attacking, it was becoming an agony of pain for those who are having it. Some people even having difficulty to walk freely. The tumb will be swell and the legs like having myalgia. Uric acid and cholesterol are like partner in crime in detsroying the humans body including causing such gout to grow. Its now becoming common that people at their 20s start having such gout.


Healthy lifestyle to avoid gout is necessary due to the reality that modern foods are really rich of foods, chemical ingredients, etc. There is a news that in the past, gout were mostly affecting rich people. Most rich people could have such foods that consider to be “delicious but fatty”. When the poor people were having vegetables and home fruits, the rich people were partying with expensive meats and alcohols. No wonder most rich people in the past were having such “difficult time when controlling cholesterol level. Vegetables ana fruits are believed as choleseterol killers and it will in the end producing a better life. Therefore, its an obligation to have healthy life to avoid foot gout.

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