Foods That Cause Migraines – The Food You Have To Avoid

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Foods that cause migraines should be avoided. Why? Migraine is the simple disease for you. When you have the migraine, it will not make you weaker. But, you will not be able to think nicely. When you want to eat something, you have to aware that you should avoid the bad foods that cause migraines. Do you want to know what types of the foods that cause migraines? There are several foods you have to avoid if you have the acute migraine. You have to avoid the food that has the substance of tyramine.  Why you should avoid tyramine? Tyramine is the substance that will trigger the headache and migraine. This is the natural substance that usually found in the protein based food.

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Foods that cause migraines with the tyramine substance will also trigger the severe hypertension. So, if you have the hyper blood rate, it was better for you to avoid the foods that cause migraines. Well, you should not avoid all of the food with the tyramine substance. You only need to keep your meal. You can still eat the foods that cause migraines. But, you should also balance that with the other healthy food. Do you like avocado? Well, you should reduce your meals of avocado because avocado is foods that cause migraines. You have to reduce this when you have the hypertension.

Blue Cheese foods that cause migraines

Banana is still safety for you if you consume this in the balance portion. Beside, you should also reduce your consumption of the foods that cause migraines such as the blue cheese and cheddar cheese. Several people like to consume cheddar and blue cheese. It was very delicious. But, if you don’t want to trigger your migraine, you have to avoid or at least you reduce the consumption of blue cheese and cheddar as foods that cause migraines. Do you like friend onion? You should also avoid or reduce this because onion is the foods that cause migraines, too.

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Beside, those foods that cause migraines, you should also avoid the item products. What are those? Firstly, you should avoid ice cream. Ice cream is the delicious product. Many people like this product. But, if you love your health, it is forced for you to avoid that. Then, you have to also know that milk is also foods that cause migraines. Milk is so good for your health because it has high protein substance. But, it can trigger the headache and migraine. You can reduce it step by step. The foods that cause migraines are not good for you and you should avoid this for several times.

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