Foods to Avoid for Gout Disease

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How To Prevent Gout From Food?

Gout and its symptoms are really dangerous also painful, because it attacks your joints and you will feel burning in your joints that can makes your joints deforming. I’m telling you right now that gout is really dangerous, also it love to attack men than women. If you don’t have a good healthy life, like overweight also drinks alcohol. Remember, gout will attack your body if uric acid exceed your blood and become crystallize in your joints. Food is one of common factors that make gout. So, let me tell you more explanation about gout and what foods to avoid for gout.

Kinds of foods to avoid for gout

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Let me tell you right now what kind of foods to avoid for gout, there are: smelt, sardines, mussels, herring, hearts, sweetbreads, grouse, veal, bacon, liver, salmon, turkey, anchovies, kidneys, trout, scallops, pheasant also partridge. These foods contain too much purines and proteins because proteins and purines are the chemical that makes uric acid exceed in your blood. These foods must not be eaten almost every day, also you have to set a time to eat these foods. I’m a little bit afraid to eat all of these food especially seafood because this food contains much purines.

If you love coffee and tea, don’t panic because it’s not a problem and not contains of non-alcoholic in these drinks. Food to avoid for gout, is very common for people who get gout to avoid it. But, there are some foods that you can eat, like beans, peas, cauliflower, spinach, and mushrooms. These foods contain a good healthy food and not risk your gout. Dietary program must be arranged from sufferers so they have a good food without being afraid of gout anymore. Drink more waters and do exercise are the main point of sufferers about how to cure gout in their life.

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foods to avoid for gout also need a consultation from a doctor, because they are expert in this disease and can give the best solution for gout sufferers to have a good life. You also need some medication to reduce the pain in your gout and prevent another attacks in the future. Those are my short explanation about how to choose which foods that contain high purines or proteins or not. Also, you can heal yourself by drink more water for about 10 – 12 glasses a day and exercise 4 times a week like I told you before, but now it’s your choice to have a good and healthy life.

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