Foods to Avoid with Gout: Change Your Menu

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Foods to avoid with gout are considerably plenty. You should make sure that you get the complete list before you start to do the gout diet. First, it is important for you to avoid the foods that contain high protein, like fish, meat, and poultry. It is because that kind of food will give the bad impact to your joints since uric acid will be accumulated there. When it comes to fish, it means that any kind of seafood. You should avoid scallops, lobster, tuna, shrimp, oyster, and such. And for the meat, the kind of meat that you should avoid is lamp, pork, beef, and ham.

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Next, it is also important for you to avoid saturated fat. This is the reason why overweight people tend to suffer from gout. It is because saturated fat will affect your body’s ability to process uric acid. You should know that uric acid is the breakdown form of purine. Purine is the substance that is naturally produced by our bodies and also contained in some foods. Normally, our bodies will eliminate uric acid. With saturated fat, your body’s ability to process uric acid will be interfered. That is why saturated fat is the foods to avoid with gout disease.

Sweetened foods with fructose are also on the foods list to avoid with gout. Like saturated fat, fructose can also affect your body’s ability to process uric acid. Beverages that are sweetened by fructose are juices and soda.

Alcohol is also something that you should avoid. If you consume alcohol every day, then it is the time for you to limit the alcohol intake and even completely remove it from your menu. Make sure that you change your lifestyle into the healthy one if you want to get rid of gout. Do not forget to consult with your doctor about the foods that you should consume.

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