Foods To Avoid With Gout: A Brief Gout Diet

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Foods to avoid with gout are things you should learn and know in healing gout, a medical condition that is characterized by an acute inflammatory arthritis as swollen joint. Although this disorder does not cause a serious health problem or condition, this can be very much painful and somehow disturbing. If you are currently suffering from this disease, good news for you is that there have been many treatment options you can choose. These treatments are basically divided into two types; they are medical treatment (usually from hospital or a doctor) and natural or home remedy. Home or natural remedy, however, is a more recommended treatment.


foods to avoid with gout as Important Elements in Gout Diet

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One of the best home remedy is a gout diet, in which you are allowed to consume particular kind of food and not allowed to consume some gout-causing foods. This article, anyway, will mainly focus on some foods to avoid with gout during this gout diet. Before go on to the particular kind of food, you should know that the foods you should avoid are those with high protein and purines. There are many researches that mentioned that these two substances (found in food) can potentially cause gout.


Other foods to avoid with gout You Should Know

Now here are some kinds of foods to avoid with gout, which you should avoid during the gout diet program. The first food to avoid is alcohol. Some sources mentioned that wine and beer contains the high amount of purine, which is why it could potentially cause gout. This sources stated that purine is a substance that break down into uric acid, and then crystallizes. Therefore, if you are an alcoholic (or you merely like to drink alcohol), you have a bigger possibility to suffer from gout.

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Besides beverages containing alcohol as beer, beverages that contain caffeine as coffee and tea can also cause gout. When you are running a gout diet program, you should also avoid carbonated drink as cola or other kinds of soda. These beverages also contain high amount of purines. Besides beverages, you have to avoid consuming fish, such as trout, salmon, herring sardines, and shrimp. Red meats are also high in purines, which is why this is also included into foods to avoid during the gout diet program. You might be surprised, but some vegetables as mushrooms and cauliflower are also foods to avoid. You should also gather some info on what foods to consume in the diet program, and after that, you have to make your own meal plan.

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