Fixing a Clogged Kitchen Sink

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Fixing a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Having a clogged kitchen sink is a common kitchen problem. Unclogging that drain is not always easy, but when you learn the basics of fixing a clogged kitchen sink you can beat clogs and possibly even prevent them. All it takes is some knowledge and elbow grease. Soon a clog in the kitchen sink will be no problem.




Before you get started working on that clogged kitchen sink you will want to get your supplies. You will need a plunger. Be sure to choose one that has a large rubber bell with a strong handle. You will also want to have a bucket to go under the drain, rubber gloves, if you are worried about getting dirty and a flashlight to see down the drain.


Plunging the Sink


Now it is time to get down to business and start work on that clogged kitchen sink. If there is water standing in the sink you will want to get as much out as possible. This could make things messy if there is too much water in the sink. You will want to also be aware that if you have a double basin sink, you will need to plug the side that is not being plunged in order to create suction and prevent debris and water from blowing out the other side.

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If you have a garbage disposal, then you want to start plunging that side first. Often a clogged kitchen sink can be remedied by fixing a garbage disposal that is clogged. You can easily checked to see if the garbage disposal is clogged by turning it on. If it hums and doesn’t work right then it is probably clogged.


If you do not have a garbage disposal then simply start on one side and plunge. If that doesn’t clear it then try the other side. When plunging it helps to have a slight bit of water to allow the plunger to create a suction. You will know you have gotten the clog once the water swirls down the drain.

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If plunging doesn’t work then you may need to undo the drain below the sink and manually clean it. You will need to place the bucket under and take apart the pipes to get the gunk out that is causing the clog.


Tips for Unclogging


If you have used any type of chemical to try to get the sink unclogged, then you will not want to plunge the sink. You will need to drain the cleaner away first by taking apart the drain. This is to prevent the chemicals from splashing back at you.


When you are done working on your clogged kitchen sink pour a mixture of one part baking soda to one part vinegar down the drain. Let it sit and then run warm water to flush it through. This will help to remove any leftover gunk in the sink and help make it smell fresh.

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A clogged kitchen sink may be a hassle, but it can be fixed. Usually you can handle this problem on your own, but if you cannot seem to find the clog or get the drain flowing then you may need to call a professional.

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