Farmhouse Sinks vs. Double Sinks

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Farmhouse Sinks vs. Double Sinks

The kitchen is usually one f the busiest rooms in the house. It is a gathering place where the family comes together. That is why you want your kitchen to look great. Most people put a lot of work into designing their kitchen and making it look great. One of the top items in your kitchen that not only is a centerpiece, but it also is a functional piece that needs to be sturdy. You have two main choices in sinks, farmhouse sinks and double sinks. Choosing between the two is a matter of learning more about each.


Double Sinks


A double sink has two compartments in it. It is put down in the cabinet. A double sink allows you to wash in one compartment and then rinse in the other, eliminating the need for a dishpan. When one side is in use, the other side is available for use for hand washing or other kitchen chores. This is the biggest advantage of this type of sink.

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On the other hand the disadvantages of a double sink may make you double think your choice. The plumbing with double sinks is more complex than with farmhouse sinks. This complex plumbing takes up more under cabinet space. Also, maintenance is made more complex due to the extra plumbing. Another thing to think about is the overall space ion each compartment is limited because you are splitting the overall sink size into two spaces.


Farmhouse Sinks


A farmhouse sink has one large compartment and it is not put down in the counter, but rather rests on the counter. It has a tall back and an apron that goes down over the front of the counter. The design makes it much easier to clean. It also has a larger compartment are than a double sink. Farmhouse sinks also have simple plumbing that makes them easy to install and maintain. Farmhouse sinks are also built very durable.


The drawbacks with farmhouse sinks are really the lack of a second compartment, which means you have to use a dishpan for rinsing dishes. Additionally, a farmhouse sink is not idea for a garbage disposal.

Making the Choice


Choosing between double sinks and farmhouse sinks is really about what you want. Many people choose a double sink since that is what is most commonly found in most homes these days. However, farmhouse sinks are seeing a rise in popularity. They come in a variety of styles and are very long lasting. These sinks are built to withstand years and years of use without rusting out or damaging the surrounding counter top area. With double sinks, you may run into issues with rot around the counter top or other wear and tear issues that get costly to fix. Ion the end you can choose either type of sink. They are both available in styles that work with any kitchen. However, if you are looking for something that is easy to use, easy to maintain and will add some charm then you should consider a farmhouse sink.

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