Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


A farmhouse kitchen sink has a large basin and is generally a single sink. These are commonly referred to as apron sinks due to their unique design and were a traditional feature of the old time farmhouse. What was old has become new again as people opt for this retro style sink for new and existing homes.




Part of the appeal of a farmhouse kitchen sink is the sheer depth of these sinks. They are easily large enough to accommodate the largest pot and pans or rinse a bushel of vegetable fresh from the field. Even today, there are many uses for the farmhouse kitchen sink.


In addition to washing large items, a farmhouse kitchen sink can also accommodate the occasional bath of a young child or a small family pet. These sinks are very versatile. One thing that makes them even greater is the simple water and drain connections underneath.

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Though the farmhouse sink had a simple drain and water supply it is still not a simple installation, unless you are just replacing an older farmhouse kitchen sink. The extreme depth of these sinks and the need to allow for the front apron means the cabinetry will need to be custom ordered or altered.


You will need to use a template of your farmhouse kitchen sink to alter the kitchen cabinets for installation. Most of the time the sinks will come with a template in the box, however if not it is easy to make your own. Simply place the farmhouse kitchen sink apron down on a good-sized piece of cardboard and trace the pattern. Note any distinguishing features such as a lip on your template and then cut it out.


Use your template to alter the front of your kitchen cabinetry and prepare to install your new farmhouse kitchen sink. You may want to additional supports for the extra weight of this large single basin sink, they tend to be a bit heavier than a traditional stainless steel unit is. Level and caulk the sink and you are all finished.




You have a couple of choices when it comes to locating and purchasing a farmhouse kitchen sink. One you can wait for an old farmhouse to be torn down and purchase the original article, or you can purchase any one of many farmhouse kitchen sinks being manufactured today.

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You have a wide variety of choices including hammered copper, fire clay, and stainless steel finishes. A farmhouse kitchen sink will vary wildly in price point as well. For instance, a new white sink will set you back around $700 while a hammered copper variety will cost more like $1750. These beauties do not come cheap no matter how you look at it!

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