Elkay Kitchen Sinks for the Home

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Elkay Kitchen Sinks for the Home

There are several Elkay kitchen sinks for the home that you may choose from. The installation of a new kitchen sink is a relatively simple home improvement task that can add value to your home. This particular project can be done in one day, and can prove to be highly beneficial in increasing the overall functionality of your sink area. Elkay kitchen sinks are considered to be extremely versatile when it comes to various projects in the kitchen, and have a high level of durability. In this guide, you will learn about the various models that you can choose from for the home from the Elkay kitchen sinks line of products.


Out of all the Elkay kitchen sinks available, one of the most common models sold is the “Gourmet” model. This particular sink is considered an undermount unit that provides basic functionality and depth for even the largest projects in the kitchen. The unit is a basic side by side model that is made from stainless steel. If you have at least thirty six inches of space available on the cabinet that you will be placing it on, this may be the right choice from the available Elkay kitchen sinks available for you. This is not the only model sink available from Elkay kitchen sinks, though. There are a couple of others available if this is not the right model for you.


If you are searching among Elkay kitchen sinks that are a bit larger than the “Gourmet” model and have more work space, you may benefit from the model that is referred to as “Avado”. This unit needs at least forty six inches of cabinet space to be properly installed. It, too, is a side by side unit but it comes complete with a sectional that has a large area of work space. The Elkay kitchen sinks on the market today are created in such a manner that individuals engaging in various kitchen products have the room that they need. By choosing this model of the available Elkay kitchen sinks, you will discover that it not only enhances the overall appeal of the kitchen, but it also enhances the functionality of your room!

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If you are shopping among Elkay kitchen sinks for a model that is a bit different than the standard units that most individuals place in the home, you may enjoy the “Mystic” model. Also considered an undermount unit for the home, this model has a standard sink space area on one side and on the other, a drain unit. If you want to find a unit in Elkay kitchen sinks that offers convenience and saves space, this is the model that is sure to appeal to you. Choosing among Elkay kitchen sinks for the home can be challenging, but by knowing what you need prior to shopping, you will know which model is most appropriate to your needs!

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