Disposal of Old Computers, Some Step To Do

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Disposal of old computers are one of the most essential knowledge every computer users should know, although unfortunately, most users do not think that it is important. Computers are technology products that consist of electrical components, which are emitting a kind of radiation that are considered quite dangerous for living things. Users who are disposing their computers in any place, without thinking the harm the computers might cause are considered as people who are not nature and environment-aware. Hence, users are to apply certain method in disposal of old computers.


There are several step users should do in disposal of old computers, and retrieving their personal data is the first one. Disposing old computers does not mean disposing of old data; users are to remove their data from the old computers, by copying them to an external hard drive. Some sources mention that removing the data from old computer is an essential part in disposal of old computers, because just by deleting the data is not enough as it cannot destroy the data.

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disposal of old computers does not means disposal of the whole computer parts; sometimes, users wish to keep particular part of their computer, as the hard drive. Some users might think that removing the data is a burdensome task, which is why it will be easier and simpler to remove the hard drive, and keep it for themselves. When it goes like this, the disposal of old computers process might be simpler; however, users are to be careful when removing the hard drive. Asking a help from computer technician or practitioner is important for inexperienced users.


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There are several options users have when they intend on disposal of old computers, and keep certain part of the computer; they are reusing the part and reselling it. For those who wish to reuse the computer part, one important suggestion is that they need to be creative. Users who do not throw away the computer casing when try to disposal of old computers, for instance, are to have the new use of the computer casing, as for bookshelves or even as a pet bed.


When users keep certain part in disposal of old computers, they are to make sure that the computer part is unbroken and clean (cleaning it with damp cloth will be a good way to clean the part). Anyway, most computer users prefer to resell their old computer; for those who prefer this way, taking the computer to a secondhand computer store, and making a good trade are the steps to do. On the other hand, taking the computers to the charity foundation is important for users who think that charity is the best way on disposal of old computers.

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