Discount Kitchen Faucets

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Discount Kitchen Faucets


One small item in your kitchen that can quickly run into a large expense is the faucet. For being so small it is hard to imagine that even a cheap model will run you nearly $100, and will not last long in the bargain. This has sent many people on a mission to find good discount kitchen faucets. Here is where they run into problems, good and discount are often times not useable in the same sentence! Therefore, the question is where and when can you find good discount kitchen faucets?


New Lines


Kitchen faucets are like anything else they have seasons, so to speak. When manufacturers come out with a new line of faucets retailers will scramble to get the previous lines sold before the new technology hits the market. This offers customers the chance to purchase discount kitchen faucets that are also of high quality.

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Every once in awhile a new line will come out that is initially very popular and retailers will stock more product than they normally would. This is good if the demand stays high, however often times demand will fall off leaving retailers holding massive amounts of overstock. Consumers again win as retailers work to move merchandise and sell discount kitchen faucets simply to clear their inventory.




Discount kitchen faucets are not always easy to find but with a little persistence and ingenuity, you can find excellent deals online. Online retailers often have access to suppliers of overstock or returned merchandise. The returned merchandise is often exchanges for different styles or colors and is functionally sound. Be sure if you use this source of discount kitchen faucets, you receive at least a limited warranty.

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If you are wondering, just how much you can save with discount kitchen faucets here are some examples. Below you will find a few faucets that were offered as one-day overstock sales. These prices are of course subject to change due to limited quantities available.




Are you looking for a two-handled faucet in chrome? This Moen faucet is sleek and smart looking with a high shine chrome finish and all the extras.




High-arc spout

Matching side spray

Single body construction

Ceramic disc

Lever handle

Operate with less than 5 pounds of handle torque

No grasping required to operate faucet

IPS connections

Three-hole applications

10.9 inches high x 10.25 inches wide with 9.0 inch reach

$78.99 online sale




For a look that is, ultra modern many people are going with a Fontaine kitchen faucet. The problem is however most of the time these elegant accessories are priced at over $300! This high arc faucet was offered as overstock for $145.

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Matching sprayer and soap pump

Stainless steel finish

Optional deck plate and mounting hardware

Drip-free ceramic disc cartridge

Solid brass waterways

12 inches high

8.5-inch spout

10.5-inch spout height


These are just a couple of examples of discount kitchen faucets that are available all the time if you know where to look and what to look for. Do not waste hundreds of dollars on faucet hardware, take your time and find the best discount kitchen faucets for your home.

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