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Dental schools in Houston are consisted of private schools and public schools. Also, its ranged from the school for being dentists or the schools for being a dental assistant. Its form in university and community colleges or such training institutes for dental.

Dental Schools in Houston : The List

As already mentioned above, the dental schools in Houston are consisted of some university and some smaller size of dental schools. A list of some dental schools established in some parts of Houston are ;

  1. University of Texas of Dental School or being called School of Dentistry ; the school is offering the bachelor degree level till Phd level on dentistry for its students. At least more than 300 freshmen were coming to the school wanted to be a future dentist. Beside the PhD degree, the school also offering the certificate of acknowledgement for those who got the postgraduate degree there. This school is listed as public school.
  2. Dental Assistant Training in The Community College, the Coleman College ; this institution is established since 1971 and its serving as a training institute to become a dental assistant since 2004 as part of the government programs on certified dental assistant intsitute. The training here last for 24 months with two programs available. The first one is for dental assistant and the other one is dental hygiene.
  3. Houston Dental School of Technology
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Similar to Colleman college, this dental school is aimed to produce the dental asssistants for dentist. One slight different is in this school, students also given a way to learn on dental technology like making sleep apnea mask and such. This college is half funded by the government and offering associate degree which mean you could finish in tow years.

  1. College of Health Care

This is an institution for those who also wanted to be certified as dental assistant. Actually, not only dental assistant training is conducted here. Some trainings for Certified Nurse Assistants also taking place here. As a vocational college, the school is offering mainly on applied skills for the students. It takes almost a year of training in the college to get the permit to take tests before certifications.

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Is this OK to apply for Dental Schools in Houston

Houston is a friendly city. Its not so crowded as New York and its also a place of many industries and cultures. Bright sunshine and warm feeling is going to be a good way to start dental schools in Houston. Don’t be late then.


From now on, we could see that dental school is a great options for those who want to get a good job with good salary. There is a choice, dental schools in Houston.

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